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    Q.   How about a support contract?

    We provide free 60 day support and maintenance subscription with the purchase.

    Q.   Will I get updates?

    We deliver major releases (1.0, 2.0, etc) about once a year and maintenance releases (2.1, 2.2, etc) every 2-3 months. With the purchase you get free maintenance upgrades and a discount when upgrading to a next major version. All bug fixes are free of charge.

    Q.   How many entities can be monitored from one server if I buy the enterprise edition of NetDecision?
    A. There are no limitations in our software as far as number of monitored entities is concerned.
    Q.   What is the advantage of having Network Manager and Trap Simulator?

    Network Manager is a part of NetDecision together with other tools is a complete network management solution. The major features of NetDecision are: network topology view, automatic network discovery, custom scriptable agents, and many more...

    Q.   I was wondering if your product allows one to consolidate all the data obtained through monitoring at a central location?

    NetDecision Network Manager is an application that allows you to monitor remote equipment (servers, routers, switches, applications, etc.) and populate the status of network elements in the form of graphical network topology. Alarms and informational messages received from equipment are transformed into unified structured events that can be viewed by operators. The severity of event can be customized by the user in order to distinguish between critical and non-critical alarms. NetDecision provides great flexibility allowing you to customize the attributes of specific equipment you want to monitor in real-time. Another major feature of NetDecision is ability to set up automated scriptable smart agents to be triggered when notification (for example SNMP TRAP) is received from equipment. Such agents may perform variety of actions including reconfiguring the equipment on the fly in order to eliminate the problem that caused notification as soon as possible.

    Q.   We are looking at a SNMP tool that will collect and report SNMP traps. I think NetDecision will accomplish this.

    You are absolutely correct. If you are looking for a tool that can collect traps, perform specific action upon receiving (including sending e-mail, saving trap information into a database, generating web report, etc.) and then send another trap or forward the same one to a different location - NetDecision Enterprise edition is just for you.

    Q.   Does your MIB Browser supports reception of SNMP (all version) TRAPs? If not will there be any release shortly which supports that feature?

    We do not plan to include TRAP reception functionality into the MIB Browser. This functionality is currently a part of NetDecision Network Manager and NetDecision TrapVision.

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