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    The 'basic' problems can be solved by the Knowledge Base section. If you're a novice user and have just installed NetDecision, you have great chances to find the answers there.

    The Forum is dedicated to more complicated questions. More experienced NetDecision users and Support Team will be happy to help you there. Do not hesitate to post your question and suggestions.

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    Title Last Post Posts
    Feature requests 08-04-2011 06:37
    Topic How to download the trial copy of SNMP Agent simulator
    Author: support
    Bugs 12-03-2015 02:45
    Topic Fail to start SNMP trap Simulator
    Author: support
    Pre-sale questions 05-09-2012 23:45
    Topic License Renewal Sale
    Author: support
    General Discussion 09-06-2017 07:06
    Topic Replay records from the Live device
    Author: AvaniGanatra
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