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    Topic: Replay records from the Live device
    Celestine Tchouga Mamba (22-03-2017 13:27) post reply

    I have use the Capture functionality of the smarrt agent to record my snmp live device. I have exported the recording in a CSV file. Now I would like to replay this recorded values through an simulate agent and also modified them. How can I create with Netdecision an agent with these recorded values and how can I modify them. My objective is to simulate my live devise and change values. Thank you for your response
    hide\show support (27-03-2017 05:36) post reply
      Hi Celestine Tchouga Mamba,

    You don't really need to export captured data to CSV file to create simulation based on recorded values.
    The captured data is automatically becomes available/acitive when you click OK button in SNMP Agent Capturing (Recording) window.
    After that you'll just have to save the updated agent configuration by selecting File->Save As menu option.

    The Smart Agent configuration is stored in XML based file with .sas extension.

    The default value simulation type is set to constant. It means that the agent will response based on captured values. If you would like to add some dynamic behavior for your values you can change the Value Generation Type for target object.
    There are many algorithms available out of the box:
     - Random
     - Linear
     - exp
     - sin
     - cos
     - formula based
     - System Uptime

    You can also bind the value to DB table. So the agent will retrieve the value from external ODBC or SQLite database.

    Please note that all these options are fully documented. Click F1 to read it. Let us know if you have any questions.

    NetMechanica Support
    hide\show AvaniGanatra (09-06-2017 07:06) post reply
      Thanks for sharing informative post here.
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