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    The solution includes Fault Management part implemented with NetDecision Network Manager and traffic monitor and analyzer built using NetDecision scripting language.

    Canopy solution has been delivered to several Motorola customers. NetMechanica is now listed as solution partner at Canopy web site

    Canopy Fault Management

    • NetDecision Network Manager provides hierarchical view of the network including all AP Clusters and Subscriber modules. Download Canopy Sample Topology load...
    • Setting up custom SNMP attributes for polling allows monitoring of vendor specific parameters (jitter, air delay, etc.)
    • Polling rules allow user to analyze the value of SNMP attribute and alert instantaneously (change elementís severity on the screen) if the value is out of allowed range.
    • Received SNMP traps are correlated with elements. Smart scriptable trap handlers provide variety of storing and alerting options.

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    Canopy Traffic monitor

    Traffic monitor is a script (written in NetDecision script language) scheduled to run periodically that retrieves traffic counters from Canopy AP and stores data in an ODBC database. View script...

    Canopy Traffic analyzer

    Traffic analyzer script retrieves traffic counters from the database, calculates amount of traffic consumed by each subscriber and creates graphical SVG report. View script...

    The example of web report generated by script

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