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NetDecision Anywhere LaunchPad

NetDecision Anywhere LaunchPad

NetDecision network management system supports large-scale high-performance architectures through multi-host distributed architectures. NetDecision Anywhere LaunchPad provides powerfull capabilities to perform massive deployment of NetDecision agents and subsystems such as TrapVision, LogVision across distributed hosts/nodes.

The NetDecision Anywhere Launchpad is capable of managing the following NetDecision application remotely:

  • NetDecision Service Manager
  • NetDecision Script Studio
  • NetDecision Smart Agent
  • NetDecision TrapVision
  • NetDecision LogVision

Service Manager

The NetDecision Anywhere Launchpad communicates directly with remotely installed NetDecision Service Manager to perform the following tasks:

  • Node configuration autodiscovery - Service Manager automatically identifies which NetDecision applications are configured as Windows Services and sends application configuration back to LaunchPad. After that LaunchPad connects to these applications directly.
  • Retrieve logs from remote host - NetDecision applications use XML based logging (files with .ndlog extension)
  • Activate software license on remote hosts.
  • Upload NetDecision files (.nd, .sas, .npg, .cmf) to remote hosts. LaunchPad has built-in TFTP server for that.
  • Configure new NetDecision applications to run as Windows services on remote hosts.
  • Monitor remote host health status (CPU utilization, RAM usage, Free disk space)

Working with Script Studio tasks

The NetDecision Anywhere Launchpad allows the user to work with remote NetDecision Script Studio application:

  • Upload new scripts (*.nd) and parameters file (*.npf)
  • Configure new tasks
  • Start/Stop tasks
  • Change task configuration
  • Retrieve log file (Agents.ndlog)

Working with Smart Agents

The NetDecision Anywhere Launchpad allows the user to work with remote Smart Agents:

  • Configure new agent
    • Upload Smart Agent configuration file (*.sas) to remote host
    • Configure new instance of SmartAgent.exe process to run as windows service
  • Start/Stop agent
  • Change agent configuration

Managing remote TrapVision and LogVision

The NetDecision Anywhere Launchpad allows the user to monitor and manage multiple instances of TrapVision and/or LogVision running on local or remote servers:

  • Maintenance/Outage mode management (Tech on site)
  • Web snapshot view
  • Custom reports in HTML format (for selected time interval and grouped by user-selected attribute: severity, source, tag, etc...)
  • Configure remote TrapVision/LogVision to run as Windows service
  • Retrieve log file

Retrieving and viewing remote logs

The NetDecision Anywhere Launchpad fully supports remote logs in .ndlog (NetDecision XML logging) format. The following logs can be retrieved from remote hosts and viewed:

  • Agents.ndlog - generated by Script Studio tasks
  • TrapVisionHandlers.ndlog - generated by TrapVision trap handler scripts
  • LogVisionHandlers.ndlog - generated by LogVision trap handler scripts
  • PerformanceVision.ndlog - generated by Performance Vision value handler scripts
  • NetworkManagerHandlers.ndlog - generated by Network Manager trap handler scripts

Monitoring host health status

The NetDecision Anywhere Launchpad monitors the health status of remote hosts in deployment. The following parameters are monitored:

  • CPU utilization
  • RAM usage
  • Free disk space on disk C:

The NetDecision Anywhere Launchpad allows the user to configure WARNING and CRITICAL thresholds for these parameters to prevent emergency conditions such as high CPU/RAM usage or low free disk space.

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