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NetFlow Trace tool

NetFlow Trace tool

NetFlow Trace tool is an application that performs in-depth NetFlow/IPFIX/sFlow packets analysis. The application supports the following protocols (formats):

  • NetFlow v1
  • NetFlow v5
  • NetFlow v7
  • NetFlow v8
  • NetFlow v9
  • sFlow v2
  • sFlow v4
  • sFlow v5
  • Detailed flow record attributes information (Name, Value, Description)
  • Tabular data view
  • Customizable IP filtering
  • Data logging
  • UDP port customization
  • Trace mode (packet dumps)
  • MS Office Look & Feel

About Cisco NetFlow

Cisco NetFlow allows for extremely granular and accurate traffic measurements by recording network traffic into the device cache. Since network traffic has a flow nature to it, the NetFlow accounting data that is built in the cache, characterizes the IP traffic being forwarded.

Cisco NetFlow data records exported by routers and switches consist of expired traffic flows with detailed traffic statistics. These flows contain information about source and destination IP addresses along with the protocols and ports used in the end-to-end conversation.

NetFlow traffic statistics

The latest version of NetFlow Trace Tool supports Netflow version 5, version 7, version 8 and version 9 exports.

While NetFlow version 5 is the most used version supported on routers, NetFlow version 7 is an enhancement that exclusively supports NetFlow with Cisco Catalyst 5000 series switches equipped with a NetFlow feature card (NFFC). NetFlow version 7 is not compatible with Cisco routers. NetFlow version 9 is the recent addition to the series.

For more information on Cisco NetFlow visit Cisco"s page on NetFlow at http://www.cisco.com/go/netflow

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