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    NetDecision MIB Manager

    NetDecision MIB Manager

    The MIB Manager converts MIB files in MIB module language format (transparently supporting both SMI specifications, SMIv1 and SMIv2) into the NetDecision"s proprietary CMF format. All NetDecision applications can only access compiled MIB files in CMF format. This helps to speed up the loading of the MIB and guarantees that MIB is free of errors.

    The MIB Manager provides a user friendly GUI interface to the MIB Compiler engine.

    During the compilation, MIB Compiler prints error and warning messages into Output window, so you can check if a MIB module definition is consistent and if inconsistent, you can easily fix it by examining the error and warning messages.

    Once a MIB module is compiled, it can be displayed in MIB tree view, where you can see all nodes, symbols and traps defined in the MIB module. In the tree view, you can see MIB node properties, print the tree. You can build a MIB tree from several MIB modules.

    MIB Manager allows the user to compile several MIBs into one tree. There is File browser workspace available to simplify selection of files to compile. File browser shows all files in current directory including subfolders. To change current folder select desired folder and double click on it or press return. Files that are already processed (added to the tree - compiled) are marked with green check mark.

    MIB Manager allows the user export MIB data to html file.

    MIB Manager supports command line silent mode. The user is able to run MIB Manager from 3rd party application/script/batch file to compile MIB files and export MIB data to html.

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