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    NetDecision SNMP User Manager

    NetDecision SNMP User Manager

    NetDecision SNMP User Manager is an application to create/modify SNMPv3 user profiles.

    SNMP User Profiles is a set of SNMPv3 User Security Model (USM) related information:

    • User Name
    • Authentication password
    • Privacy Password
    • Context Name
    • Context Engine ID

    Once created the profile can be used in different applications. So there is no need to retype all those parameters over and over again.

    Each SNMP User Manager document can contain more than one user profile. Those profiles are presented as a list in SNMP User Manager. By clicking on profile the user will be able to view and modify profile information.

    The context name and context engine id parameters are optional. Authentication and privacy passwords should be at least 8 characters long. Both HMAC-MD5 and HMAC-SHA1 protocols available as SNMPv3 authentication services. DES in CBC mode is available as SNMPv3 privacy service.

    SNMPv3 USM Glossary
    Term Description

    Security Name

    The principal on whose behalf access is requested. A human-readable string representing the user in a format that is Security Model independent.

    Auth. Protocol

    The authentication protocol that is used to authenticate the user. Two such protocols are defined: the HMAC-MD5-96 and HMAC-SHA-96.

    Priv. Protocol

    The privacy protocol that is used to protect the message from disclosure. One such protocol is defined: the CBC-DES Symmetric Encryption Protocol.

    Auth. password

    The password required for authentication service.

    Priv. password

    The password required for privacy (encryption) service.

    SNMP Context

    The collection of management information accessible by the SNMP entity.

    Context Name

    The name of the SNMP Context

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