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    Service Manager

    Running a background process on the Windows platform requires running a Windows Service. To run a Windows Service, you must have an application that is Windows Service aware. The majority of NetDecision applications are not Windows Service aware. NetMechanica has developed application called NetDecision Service Manager that allows Windows applications (including NetDecision applications) to run as a service. The Service Manager application is a Windows Service that reads a configuration file created by NetDecision Quick Launcher to know which applications to run.

    The NetDecision Service Manager is a part of the NetDecision installation package and gets installed and started automatically by Setup program.

    The following Quick Launcher configuration options are specific to Service Manager:

    • Run as Windows Service: Specifies whether application should be started as Windows service.

    • Keep alive: This option specifies that Service Manager should check to see if the processes started are still alive. If the option is disabled, then no checking is done; otherwise, the process is restarted. When this value is active, if the started process has died, it will be restarted. Be careful with this property because an incorrectly configured process could be constantly dying and restarting, potentially causing the computer to become inoperable.

    • Has GUI: Specifies whether the application started using Service Manager can interact with the desktop, which only works with the Local System account.

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