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    NetDecision Smart Collector

    Together with the growth of the Internet and internet-related products, there is an increasing demand for accessing non-internet-capable products via the Internet or the company intranet. Today, a huge number of devices and systems -even those that have some sort of interface- were not designed with remote administration/monitoring capabilities.

    To monitor and manage such devices and systems, NetMechanica provides a NetDecision Smart Collector.

    NetDecision Smart Collector is capable of collecting the data from the following sources:

    • ODBC database
    • Files (ASCII/XML and binary)
    • GPIO ports
    • RS-232, RS-485 ports
    • USB ports
    • Web service
    • WMI
    • SNMP
    • LDAP/Active Directory
    • System Services
    • System Processes
    • FTP
    • TFTP
    • Syslog
    • Other (custom interface/protocol)

    Smart Collector uses powerful NetDecision Scripting Language to implement device/system interface or protocol.

    Smart Collector uses SNMP as northbound interface to communicate with higher level network monitoring system.

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