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All of our products come with a free 60 day support and maintenance subscription.

At NetMechanica, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. We promise that our software will perform to your expectations, and we stand behind that promise with a money-back guarantee. Yes, that's right: guaranteed software.

All NetMechanica products are covered by an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your NetMechanica Software product in the first 30 days after purchase, simply contact our customer service team and we'll make it right, or we will happily arrange for a return and full refund, less shipping and handling (if applicable).

We also want you to know that free evaluation versions of our products are available for download. We encourage you to try our software before you buy to make sure it performs to your expectations. We are sure it will.

Product Product ID Price Order
NetDecision Ultimate Edition 4246-6056-7782 $3999 Order
Annual Support for NetDecision Ultimate Edition 4246-6056-7783 $799 Order
NetDecision Enterprise Edition 1865-9459-4656 $1899 Order
Annual Support for NetDecision Enterprise Edition 1865-9459-4657 $399 Order
NetDecision Standard Edition 1246-6056-6591 $1299 Order
Annual Support for NetDecision Standard Edition 1246-6056-6592 $299 Order
NetDecision Remote Site Monitor (RSM) 2253-7151-8623 $1099 Order
Annual Support for NetDecision RSM 2253-7151-8624 $399 Order
NetDecision Performance Vision Server (incl. Single Client License) 5374-3828-2989 $599 Order
Annual Support for NetDecision Performance Vision 5374-3828-2990 $299 Order
NetDecision Performance Vision (Client License) 5374-3828-2991 $299 Order
SNMP Tools (includes MIB Browser, Trap Simulator, MIB Manager, MIB Editor, SNMP Packet Analyzer, SNMP User Manager) 4111-4996-7850 $199 Order
SNMP Tools Annual Support 4111-4996-7851 $99 Order
TrapVision (also includes MIB Manager, MIB Editor, SNMP Packet Analyzer, SNMP User Manager) 7481-1430-1637 $499 Order
TrapVision Annual Support 7481-1430-1638 $239 Order
Smart Agent 4148-6190-0098 $499 Order
Smart Agent Annual Support 4148-6190-0099 $239 Order
LogVision 5615-0657-0225 $299 Order
NetDecision Smart Collector (10 instances) 8761-0988-8738 $320 Order
Annual Support for NetDecision Smart Collector (10 instances) 8761-0988-8739 $89 Order
Anywhere LaunchPad 8761-0988-8715 $2900 Order
Anywhere LaunchPad Annual Support 8761-0988-8716 $985 Order


Component NetDecision Standard Edition NetDecision Enterprise Edition NetDecision Ultimate Edition NetDecision Performance Vision NetDecision Smart Agent NetDecision SNMP Tools
MIB Browser
MIB Manager
MIB Editor
SNMP Packet Analyzer
SNMP User Manager
Trap Simulator
Network Manager
Quick Launcher
Service Manager
Script Studio
Script Editor
Script Player
Parameter Editor
MFT Server
NetFlow Trace Tool
Anywhere LaunchPad
Smart Agent
Performance Vision

What does support and maintenance cover?
The support and maintenance subscription entitles you to all software updates, technical support and access to the latest software release and help documentation while your agreement is active.

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