Motorola Canopy Solution
ADC Digivance trap management
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    This page describes some of our solutions developed in close cooperation with our customers for their specific equipment. These are copleted projects that demonstrate how NetDecision can be used to manage specific vendor systems.

    Monitoring Motorola Canopy Wireless Network

    The Motorola Canopy Wireless Internet Platform is a broadband wireless communication system that supports high speed Internet access. With Canopy, Motorola brings radio technology to the Internet service provider marketplace. Canopy is available in a variety of configurations. The Motorola Canopy system is a family of broadband wireless products that provide high-speed Internet access for residential and small/medium business customers.

    The Canopy system is built on three basic building blocks:

    • The Access Point (AP)
    • The Subscriber Module (SM)
    • Backhaul Unit (BH)

    Managing Canopy Network with NetDecision

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